Monday, January 16, 2012

Red Carpet Trends and Inspiration: Golden Globes Edition

For someone reason I can't get inspired by Pinterest today. Weird. So let's turn to some fab ladies that we can live vicariously through to get some inspirational juices flowing. The Golden Globes Red Carpet was all about sparkles and neutrals in 2012. From one extreme to the other, right? I personally loved both. Microtrends were mainly statement accessories, with Emma Stone's bad-girl vibe eagle belt to Michelle William and Charlize Theron's girly studded headbands. Deep blues were also spotted everywhere but I really wasn't a huge fan. My best dressed goes to Heidi Klum in Clavin Klein with Emma Stone in close second. Check out that majaaahh piece on her neck. Just another example of how accessories can make the outfit. I suddenly want huge turquoise jewelry and an eagle belt. And is it just me or does Klum have some fresh ink on her arm there?

Friday, January 13, 2012

First Look

For my first look I wanted to focus on these sunnies. They're called Shwoods and they're made completely out of wood. Plus they're pretty badass and different. Match that with my version of sweatpants (leggings are everything) and a comfy oversized tee for an easy on-campus look. Nail polish is Sally Hansen Forbidden Fudge. And I die for this watch my boyfriend gave me. (He's also my brilliant photographer.) You'll probably see it in every post no joke.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Beginnings

As my first entry on my very own blog (ahhh!) I guess I should probably mention why I wanted to even start one. My interest in fashion blogs started at the beginning of last year. And now I spend like hours on the internet being inspired to put different outfits together and always look my best...except for when I only feel like wearing sweatpants for the week. I guess it helps to be a journalism major and taking classes on writing and media and design. One day it just popped in my head like I could totally do this. Maybe. Possibly. This is me giving it a shot, I guess. No expectations of what it will become. Just a little piece of what I want it to be and a good creative outlet. So far so good.
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