Monday, July 16, 2012

Truly Yours

Everyone's busy, it's no excuse. I trust no one wants to hear me go on a tangent about what I've been up to instead of blogging on the reg. But it's a good one! And one I think my readers would want to know about because it has to do with fashion (yeee!). OK, here's the story: A couple months ago at the end of the spring semester, I found out that I would have the responsibility and more importantly the opportunity to intern with an online boutique called Truly Yours. The owner, Erin Barfield, who's pictured above in the summer lookbook, recently graduated from East Carolina University (Go Pirates!) and her site's been up for a short nine months. Not nearly long enough to become a go-to online shopping experience, but that's exactly what it's grown into. Truly Yours already has over 1,000 followers on Facebook and college girls everywhere are in love with the contemporary, trendy and affordable styles. But my duties there, like writing for the blog A Style Truly Yours, have obviously taken away from my time with my dear love Of a Gem. (But please, feel free to click the link above to actually see with your own eyes what I've been up to. Bragging rights.) To make matters even worse I just landed a part-time job and school's starting back up in a month. But no worries! I'm committed to making this a part of my life once again. And thank you for sticking with me on this one and here's to hoping that you continue to read.

Some of my current faves from Truly Yours:

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